Technology and Innovation: Robotics, Wearable Tech and the Internet 視聴時間 1:02:54

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G1 Global Conference 2015
Breakout Session Ⅲ <A>
Technology and Innovation: Robotics, Wearable Tech and the Internet

Technology has always had a unique role in improving efficiencies and driving economic growth. Robots, wearable technology, and the Internet of Things, – these are some of the areas where recent advances have drawn much public attention. Especially when used in combinations, these technologies have a multiplying impact that could potentially transform today’s business and society. How can these technological innovations be harnessed to raise productivity and provide widespread benefits across industries? What kind of business opportunities and entrepreneurship will they open up? How can the negative side effects of technological development be minimized? This session will explore potential for new and emerging technologies in terms of their economic impact over the coming decade.

Benjamin Joffe
General Partner

Tadahiro Kawada
Kawada Industries, Inc.

Jun Murai
Dean/ Professor
Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
Keio University

Hiroaki Kitano (Moderator)
President & CEO
Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.