New Work Style, Labor Market and Deregulation

G1 Global Conference 2015
Breakout Session Ⅱ <B>
New Work Style, Labor Market and Deregulation

Japan’s labor market is at the crossroads of change. A shrinking labor force, the globalization of its workforce, and advances in information and communication technology that can bring a complete overhaul of the way we work – these trends pose significant challenges to Japan’s short and long term prospects, but they also present opportunities for developing and leveraging new talent pools. How are PM Abe’s planned labor reforms likely to affect these trends? What are the requirements for a more efficient deployment of Japan’s workforce? What can be done to better prepare the young as well as older workforce for the changing nature of jobs? Panelists with experiences and insights in these fields will discuss the future of work in Japan. (Duration: 1:17:46)

Keiichiro Asao
Member of the House of Representatives

Lauren Kawasaki
BestLiving Japan K.K.

Soichiro Minami
Founder & CEO

Yoko Ishikura (Moderator)
Professor Emeritus
Hitotsubashi University