Energy Security after Fukushima ( G1 Global Conference 2013) 視聴時間

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G1 Global Conference 2013
Breakout Panel Session I <B >
Energy Security after Fukushima

Japan has not yet adopted a new national energy policy after the 3/11 disaster that caused the Fukushima nuclear accidents. While there is no "easy fix" to the question of sustainable
energy supply, what should constitute short and long-term strategies for a resource-poor country? How can Japan achieve its energy security in the face of changing global supplydemand balance? A former foreign minister and a former executive director of the IEA are among the panelists to discuss these topics.

■ Panelists
Yoriko Kawaguchi
Visiting Professor, Meiji Institute for Global Affairs
Nicholas Smith
Strategist, CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets
Nobuo Tanaka
Global Associate for Energy Security and Sustainability,
Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)
■ Moderator
Kunihiko Shimada
Special Advisor to the Minister of Environment Japan
CEO, KS International Strategies, Inc.