Digital Media and the Transformation of Societies (G1 Global 2019)

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G1 Global Conference @GLOBIS Tokyo, Sept. 16, 2019.
Across the world, social and digital media have transformed not only the way we distribute, receive, and send information but the ways in which we inhabit the world and understand ourselves. The digital revolution has already engendered profound change, from influencing the outcome of elections to supporting social movements and new kinds of businesses. It has also thrown up diverse challenges, including the perpetuation of fake news and the violation of individual privacy. How can we best regulate and harness the powerful forces unleashed by digital media to benefit society? Our panel will examine the possibilities and perils of this dynamic, brave new world.

Faisal J. Abbas 8Editor in Chief, Arab News)
John Lagerling (CEO, Mercari U.S.)
Norihiko Sasaki (CCO, NewsPicks, Inc.)
Pallavi Aiyar (Freelance Journalist)