Sustainable Innovation in Times of Disruption: Japan’s Geopolitical Leadership (G1 Global 2019)

視聴時間 01:00:44

G1 Global Conference @GLOBIS Tokyo, Sept. 16, 2019.
Trump. Brexit. The geopolitical fractures that emerged in 2016 seem to be deepening every day, as populism disrupts the post-WWII international order. Tensions over tariffs flare between the US and China. Brexit forges ahead, leading to a new era for Europe. Iran, Russia, and North Korea are exercising new influence on the global stage. Amidst all this, global and regional institutions such as the UN, the EU, and military and trade regimes must adapt or risk becoming obsolete. For some countries, there are opportunities: Japan’s standing seems to be growing, emerging from the disruption of allies and neighbors. How do we take advantage of such opportunities via our countries, our organizations, and ourselves in a disrupted geopolitical landscape? The panelists will discuss what measures can be taken to create sustainable innovation in these uncertain times, setting the stage for today’s conference.

John Chipman CMG (Director-General and Chief Executive, IISS)
Taro Kono (Minister of Defense, Member of the House of Representatives)
Mieko Nakabayashi (Professor, School of Social Sciences, Waseda University)
Moderator: Heizo Takenaka (Professor Emeritus, Keio University; Professor, Toyo University)