Innovation through Art: Leveraging Disruption for a Sustainable Ecosystem (G1 Global 2019)

視聴時間 00:59:43

G1 Global Conference @GLOBIS Tokyo, Sept. 16, 2019.
To meet the demands of the global agenda, businesses and societies need to create disruptive solutions. However, many business people continue to rely on empirical ideation and existing datasets in the innovation processes. The arts have the power to change this, to move us beyond logic, to come up with unique questions and designs to generate solutions. In the first half of this session, panelists will focus on the unique characteristics of art and how to leverage them for disruptive innovation. However, many artists exist outside of the lucrative, insider circle of galleries, curators, and critics. To harness the full potential of art, a sustainable, inclusive ecosystem is indispensable. In the second half of this session, panelists will tackle this conundrum and suggest concrete actions to generate innovation in a healthy, forward-thinking, and global art ecosystem.

Randy Channell Soei (Professor, Chado Urasenke, Ambassador of Hospitality, Kyoto City)
Mai Miyake (Artist)
Taihei Shii (CEO, Startbahn, Inc.)
Moderator: Takashi Mitachi (Senior Advisor, The Boston Consulting Group)