Disruption and Innovation in Food: Balancing Sustainability and Gastronomy (G1 Global 2019)

G1 Global Conference @GLOBIS Tokyo, Sept. 16, 2019.
With more Michelin stars than any other city, Tokyo is the food capital of the world. Leading restaurants attract foodies from across the globe, as some chefs uphold traditional aesthetics and techniques while others experiment with new ideas to innovate. Meanwhile, with the world's population expected to grow to 9.6 billion by 2050, food security is now one of the most important global issues. However, multiple forces such as climate change, overfishing, marine pollution, and land degradation are negatively impacting agriculture and fisheries. How can chefs continue to pursue innovation in gastronomy while supporting food sustainability, and what can consumers do to help? Our panel brings together the world’s No. 1 foodie, two of the most forward-thinking Tokyo-based chefs, and a food journalist/activist to discuss the latest trends in food sustainability and gastronomy.

Thomas Frebel (Head Chef, INUA)
Hiroko Sasaki (Representative Director, Chefs for the Blue Food Journalist)
Fumio Yonezawa (Executive Chef, THE BURN)
Moderator: Takefumi Hamada (Foodie)