G1 Global Conference 2014 

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  • Opening

    Opening Welcome and Video Message from Prime Minister

    Opening Welcome and Video Message from Prime Minister

  • Plenary Session I

    Towards 2020: How Should Japan Navigate its Politics and Economy?

    Yoshimasa Hayashi

    Member of the House of Councillors

    Heizo Takenaka

    Director, Global Security Research Institute; Professor, Keio University

    Nik Gowing ( Moderator )

    International Broadcaster and Journalist

  • Breakout Session I <A >

    Abenomics and Japan's Economy: Getting from Policy Enthusiasm to Sustainable Prosperity

    Brian Heywood

    Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner, Taiyo Pacific Partners

    Florian Meyerhoefer

    Financial Counsellor, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Japan

    Ken Shibusawa

    Chairman, Commons Asset Management Inc.

    Jesper Koll ( Moderator )

    Managing Director, JP Morgan Securities Japan

  • Breakout Session II <A >

    The Japan Brand: Promoting Japanese Culture to the World

    Richard Collasse

    President and Representative Director, Chanel KK

    Seiichi Kondo

    Director, Kondo Institute for Culture & Diplomacy

    Nancy Snow

    Abe Fellow, Visiting Professor, Keio University

    Tak Umezawa( Moderator )

    Japan Chairman, Director of the Board, A.T. Kearney

  • Breakout Session III <A >

    Global Skills and Leadership Education: Perspectives from Asian Business Schools

    Ravi Kumar

    Shaw Chair Professor and Dean, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University

    Tomoya Nakamura

    Dean, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University

    Hellmut Schutte

    Vice President and Dean, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

    Yoko Ishikura( Moderator )

    Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University

  • Plenary Session II and Closing

    Boosting Innovation and Dynamism: Can Japanese Companies Survive in Global Competition?

    Robert Alan Feldman

    Managing Director, Chief Economist, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities

    Yoshiaki Fujimori

    President and CEO, LIXIL Group Corporation

    Takashi Mitachi

    Co-Chairman, Japan, Boston Consulting Group

    Nik Gowing( Moderator )

    International Broadcaster and Journalist

  • Breakout Session I <B >

    TEPCO and the Future of Energy Policy

    Kojiro Fujii

    Attorney-at-Law (Japan/New York), Nishimura & Asahi

    Barbara Judge

    Deputy Chair, TEPCO Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee

    Tatsuo Masuda( Moderator )

    Visiting Professor
    Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Graduate School

  • Breakout Session I <C >

    Japan in the Media: What Should Japan's Story be, and How Should Japan Communicate it?

    Tamzin Booth

    Tokyo Bureau Chief, The Economist

    Fiona Chan

    Senior Economics Correspondent, The Straits Times

    Adrian Monck

    Managing Director, Head of Public Engagement
    World Economic Forum

    Yumiko Ono

    Managing Editor, WSJ Japan

    Ross Rowbury( Moderator )

    President and Representative Director, Edelman Japan KK

  • Breakout Session II <B >

    Entrepreneurship in Japan: Where does Growth Come from?

    Robert Eberhart

    Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship
    Santa Clara University

    Fujiyo Ishiguro

    President and CEO, Netyear Group Corporation

    Shinichi Takamiya

    Partner, Chief Strategy Officer
    GLOBIS Capital Partners

    Vachara Phanchet( Special Contributor )

    Chairman Emeritus, Pacific Basin Economic Council

    Georges Desvaux( Moderator )

    Managing Partner, McKinsey Japan

  • Breakout Session III <B >

    Japan-US Relations: the Role of Japanese Americans

    Glen S. Fukushima

    Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

    Mitchell T. Maki

    Vice Provost, California State University Dominguez Hills

    Taro Kono( Moderator )

    Member of the House of Representatives