G1 Global Conference 2013 

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  • Opening and Plenary Session I

    A Stronger Japan: Impact on Asia and the World

    Yoshimasa Hayashi

    Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

    Member of the House of Councillors

    Robert Alan Feldman

    Managing Director, Chief Economist,

    Head of Fixed Income Research Tokyo

    Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co.,Ltd

    Yoshimasa Hayashi

    Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

    Member of the House of Councillors

    Nik Gowing (Moderator)

    Main Presenter, BBC World News

  • Breakout Panel Session I <A >

    Global Entrepreneurship

    Fujiyo Ishiguro

    President and CEO, Netyear Group Corporation

    Ryo Kubota

    Chairman, Prsident and CEO, Acucela Inc.

    Jiren Liu

    Chairman and CEO, Neusoft Corporation

    Dongsik Yoo

    CEO, Zionex, Inc.

    Allen Miner (Moderator)

    Chairman and CEO, SunBridge Group

  • Breakout Panel Session I <B >

    Energy Security after Fukushima

    Yoriko Kawaguchi
    Visiting Professor, Meiji Institute for Global Affairs
    Nicholas Smith
    Strategist, CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets
    Nobuo Tanaka
    Global Associate for Energy Security and Sustainability,
    Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)
    Kunihiko Shimada(Moderator)
    Special Advisor to the Minister of Environment Japan
    CEO, KS International Strategies, Inc.

  • Breakout Panel Session I <C >

    Gender and Economic Growth in Japan

    Georges Desvaux
    Managing Partner, McKinsey Japan
    Kathy Matsui
    Managing Director, Chief Japan Equity Strategist,
    Global Investment Research
    Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.
    Akira Tsuchiya
    Executive Director, Head of Japan, World Economic Forum
    Etsuko Okajima (Special Contributor)
    Chief Executive Officer, ProNova Inc.
    Leader, G1 Summit“ Diversity” Initiative
    Hiroko Kuniya (Moderator)
    Anchor, NHK-TV (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

  • Breakout Panel Session II <A >

    Monetary Policy of“ Abenomics”: Overview and Impact

    Shawn D. Baldwin

    Chairman, Capital Management Group

    Jesper Koll

    Managing Director and Head of Japanese Equity Research,

    JP Morgan Securities Japan

    Oki Matsumoto

    Chairman and CEO, Monex Group, Inc.

    Thierry Porté

    Managing Director, J.C. Flowers & Co. LLC

    Hiromichi Mizuno

    Partner, Coller Capital

  • Breakout Panel Session II <B >

    Africa and Japan: Business and Development Pertnerships after TICAD V

    Masaru Arakida
    Senior Researcher, Asian Disaster Reduction Center
    George Krhoda
    Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies,
    University of Nairobi
    Managing Director, REDPLAN Consultants Ltd.
    Satish Selvanathan
    Director, Premium Nutrients Pte. Ltd.
    Satoru Nishikawa (Moderator)
    Director-General of Audit, Japan Water Agency

  • Breakout Panel Session II <C >

    Geopolitics in East Asia

    Glen S. Fukushima
    Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
    Moon Chung-In
    Professor of Political Science, Yonsei University
    Tomohiko Taniguchi
    Councillor, Prime Minister’s Office
    Dan Slater (Moderator)
    Director, Delphi Network

  • Breakout Panel Session III <A >

    Politics in Japan: the July Election and After

    Keiichiro Asao 

    Member of the House of Representatives

    Michael Cucek

    Research Associate, M.I.T. Center for International Studies

    Author, Shisaku Blog

    Taro Kono

    Member of the House of Representatives

    Jonathan Soble (Moderator)

    Tokyo Bureau Chief, Financial Times

  • Breakout Panel Session III <B>

    ASEAN and India: Making the Most of Business Opportunities

    Vachara Phanchet 
    Chairman Emeritus, Pacific Basin Economic Council
    Sanjeev Sinha 
    President, Sun and Sands Group
    Ted Tan 
    Deputy Chief Executive, SPRING Singapore
    Yoko Ishikura (Moderator)
    Professor, Graduate School of Media Design,
    Keio University

  • Breakout Panel Session III <C >

    Cool Japan : Otaku, Fashion and Art

    Misha Janette
    Fashion Director/Journalist/Blogger
    Naomitsu Kodaka 
    Co-Founder & CFO, Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
    Fumio Nanjo
    Director, Mori Art Museum
    Takaaki Umezawa (Moderator)
    Managing Director Japan, Director of the Board, A.T. Kearney

  • Closing and Plenary Session II

    Building Trust in Business and Government: Japan and Beyond

    Richard Edelman

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Edelman

    Ken Shibusawa

    President and CEO, Japan Center for International Exchange

    Chairman, Commons Asset Management, Inc.

    Yasuhisa Shiozaki

    Member of the House of Representatives

    Nik Gowing (Moderator)

    Main Presenter, BBC World News