Geopolitics of East Asia: the Future of Japan-China Relations

G1 Global Conference 2015
Plenary Session Ⅱ
Geopolitics of East Asia: the Future of Japan-China Relations

As the year 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, East Asia’s security landscape faces a set of challenges with continuing and unresolved tensions, while improvements can be seen in relations between some of the countries. There are signs of a thaw in Japan-China diplomacy, but the state of Japan-South Korea relations remains unsettling. Against this background, what should be Japan’s foreign policy priorities? How would PM Abe’s objectives of strengthening Japan’s security impact on the shifting balance of power in East Asia? The panel of experts from Japan, China and the U.S. will map out East Asia’s current geopolitical landscape and address key questions on regional security relations. (Duration: 57:49)

Glen S. Fukushima
Senior Fellow
Center for American Progress

Kuni Miyake
President, Foreign Policy Institute
Research Director for Foreign and National Security Affairs
Canon Institute for Global Studies

Tao Xie
Professor of Political Science & Associate Dean
School of English and International Studies
Beijing Foreign Studies University

Nik Gowing (Moderator)
International Broadcaster and Journalist