Part1 - Energy Policy and its Future (G1 Global Conference 2011) 視聴時間

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G1 Global Conference 2011: Breakout Panel Session II-C - Energy Policy and its Futures 1/2

Paul Scalise
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo

Martin Schulz
Senior Economist, Fujitsu Research Institute

Yoshiharu Tachibana
Fellow, Sustainability Advisor to the Board, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Chairman, WBCSD Taskforce, Committee on Environment and Safety, KEIDANREN

Hiroyuki Tezuka
General Manager, Climate Change Policy Group at JFE Steel Corporation, Chairman, Working Group on Global Environment Strategy under Committee on Environment and Safety, KEIDANREN

November 3 2011, at GLOBIS Tokyo Campus