Global Entrepreneurship G1 Global Conference 2013) 視聴時間

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G1 Global Conference 2013
Breakout Panel Session I <A >
Global Entrepreneurship

An important part of Abenomics' " third arrow" includes policies intended to spur growth through entrepreneurship and innovation. What are the driving forces behind entrepreneurship, and how can we maximize prospects for innovations in business? What policies should governments pursue to create an environment conductive to innovative ventures? Panelists from China, the US, South Korea, and Japan will look at these topics that are crucial to global economic growth, and discuss keys for a successful combination of innovation and entrepreneurship.

■ Panelists
Fujiyo Ishiguro
President and CEO, Netyear Group Corporation
Ryo Kubota
Chairman, President and CEO, Acucela Inc.
Jiren Liu
Chairman and CEO, Neusoft Corporation
Dongsik Yoo
CEO, Zionex, Inc.
■ Moderator
Allen Miner
Chairman and CEO, SunBridge Group